Czy istnieje alternatywne oprogramowanie układowe dla bardzo rzadkich przypadków, gdy ten sam kanał telewizyjny jest odbierany z dwóch różnych nadajników w tej samej lokalizacji?

Numer seryjny modeli T2 265 HD / T2 265 HD SENIOR zaczynający się odJak przeprowadzić aktualizację tunera
803, 804Pobierz instrukcje
Pobierz plik aktualizacji
UWAGA: To oprogramowanie jest przeznaczone TYLKO dla numerów seryjnych zaczynających się od 803 i 804 używanie tego oprogramowania do innych numerów seryjnych spowoduje uszkodzenie urządzenia i unieważnienie gwarancji


Come posso aggiornare il ricevitore per attivare l’ordinamento logico dei canali (LCN)?

New Digital T2 265 HD/T2 265 HD SENIOR numero serial che inizia conCome attivare l’ordine dei canali (LCN) per l’Italia
007, 009, 010, 011, 121Download istruzioni
012Download istruzioni
100Download istruzioni e firmware
ATTENZIONE: questo software è SOLO per numeri di serie che iniziano con 100, l’uso di questo software per altri numeri di serie danneggerà il dispositivo e invaliderà la garanzia


Is the receiver capable of Full HD broadcast?

Receiver can broadcast 1080p signal via HDMI connection

Does it have HDMI CEC function?

No, our receivers do not support HDMI CEC

Which file formats are supported via USB Media Play?

The USB port supports most codecs of these formats: jpeg, mp3, mkv, avi, ts

I have an issue with sound on HD channels

Please check the digital audio out setting on main menu, try setting it to PCM.

My RCU has poor reception

Please check RCU batteries. For T2 007 INVISIBLE model, please make sure the IR “eye” is attached to the front of the TV set and is in direct visibility of RCU

Can I connect the receiver via LAN socket?

No, the LAN socket is for technical/maintenance purpose only

Can I record the broadcast with the receiver to watch later?

The following receivers have Personal Video Recording (PVR) capabilities:
T2 01 HD
T2 01D HD
T2 01D HD SENIOR (exception: models with SN starting 009)
S2 6000 HD 2in1 SENIOR

How do I activate the 3-year warranty?

According to EU Consumer protection law, warranty for products should be no less than 2 years. Our company has decided to provide an extended 3-year warranty to all our clients, you don’t have to register or activate it additionally.
The retailer should handle the warranty during the whole 3-years warranty period if you keep the proof of purchase and you have not caused the malfunction intentionally or by misuse. If for any reason the retailer denies the warranty service, please contact us directly and we will handle the process.